The Organization

Founded in 1990, Umed Pariwar is a Pune based organization that works for the specialized needs and betterment of Mentally Challenged and Cerebral Palsy persons. It is an association of parents of such Special children .


To sensitize the society to meet special needs of the differently-abled. To help parents emotionally and psychologically to face the situation boldly and enable the handicapped persons to be a contributory and functionally accepted human being within the society.


  • To provide world class infrastructural facilities for total care of Mentally Retarded (MR) and Cerebral Palsy (CP) afflicted persons. This includes prevention, early intervention, training, education, retraining, research and total rehabilitation.
  • To carry out ongoing training and re-training of special children so that they can contribute as best as they can and become an acceptable part of the society.


  • Rehabilitation of Mentally Handicapped and Cerebral Palsy Persons.
  • Provide guidance and assistance to avail educational, vocational and medical facilities.
  • Organize programs and workshops for teachers and social-workers for such special schools.
  • Run day care centers for children who cannot attend school.
  • Arrange vacation camps and residential camps.
  • Keep up-to-date knowledge of institutions working in this field at state and national level and ge acquainted with the working of such organizations on global level to have mutual exchange of thought, plans, programs, views and experiences.
  • Arrange regular meetings, seminars, various programs to boost the morale of the parents.
  • Organize these activities on state level, encourage people to form organizations of parents at district level and guide them.
  • Create favorable atmosphere for this activity at state and zonal levels by organizing educational and training programs, discussions, competitions etc.
  • Conduct research programs useful for people working in this field, publish relevant literature and periodicals to propagate this activity.

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