• Organizing periodical meetings with parents to increase awareness, sharing knowledge and first hand experiences.
  • Organizing programs and workshops for teachers and social workers and medical camps at regular intervals to guide parents.
  • Organizing an annual workshop, where the participants learn various vocational and life skills that make them relatively independent.
  • Organizing state level conferences so that like-minded organizations, parents and their care givers can come together and work in tandem.
  • Generating awareness in society about what mentally challenged people can do by holding drawing, poster competitions etc and then holding an exhibition of their creations (posters, paintings and greeting cards) to boost to their self esteem.
  • Those who cannot be accommodated in special schools are accommodated to the day care centers. Workshops are run for those who are able to do some degree of productive activities. These workshops later give financial independence to wards.
  • Publishing informative and insightful articles that can reach parents of mentally challenged children. The articles pertain to details of concession for handicapped, special medical attention, care and treatment required etc.


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