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'Arvind[lotus]Saurabh[fragrance]’ The name says it all. Like a lotus mired in slush dares to blossom and lace the air with its perfume, so can the differently abled children blossom, inspiring the 'normal' people with the innocence, courage and dignity with which they walk the path of their challenge strewn lives.


Arvind Saurabh”- an ambitious project from UmedPariwar for Persons with IntellectialDisability(PwID)



It is a residential rehabilitation centre / facility spread over 10 acres, about 20 kms from Pune on Pune-Saswad Road at the foothills of Sahyadri


THE SCALE:                
One of the biggest facilities in India which is spread over 10 acres campus, dedicated to an institute exclusively for the mentally challenged which operates on the concept of “transfer of parentage”.


The objective is to cater to the special needs of the afflicted and ensure that they continue to have a good quality of life when the parents grow older and can no longer look after them.



  • Special education: Training, imparting life skills in a customized program designed to address special needs and will cover the physical and mental development of the person.
  • Vocational training to provide suitable work opportunities like Office File making, Paper bag making, Diya and earthern pottery etc.



  • Residential facilities and activities: The project plans to accommodate 200 people – including residents, caretakers and visiting family members. It will have:
    • Workshop
    • Therapy centre
    • Recreational and Library facilities
    • Amphitheatre
    • Facilities for agriculture allied activities.



  • Separate residential facility for male and female residents.
  • Independent rooms for M.R and Cerebral Palsy afflicted.
  • Modern Kitchen and Dining area , Sports and Health facility
  • Fully vegetarian food comprising healthy and nutritious vegetables, fruits and food grains.
  • Lots of vocational and recreational facilities suiting the needs of the individuals.
  • Swimming pool, poly clinic, gymnasium.
  • Pollution free and scenic location with ample space for outdoor activities.
  • Sufficient staff comprising care takers and helpers.
  • Attached toilet and bathroom for each room.
  • Separate ladies staff for female residents.
  • Accommodation (on chargeable basis) to parents visiting their children in the institute.


Ways in which you can contribute to Arvind Saurabh (Non-monetary assistance)

‘Arvind Saurabh’ which is a ray of hope for the better future of hundreds of mentally handicapped children. You can make the future of these souls better. Come; join us in this endeavour and let’s together make a difference in the lives of these people.

  • Sharing the construction cost
  • Garden cum Play area
  • Equipment for Polyclinic and Vocational Centre
  • Physiotherapy equipment
  • Furniture
  • Bio Gas Plant
  • School Bus
  • Ambulance

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